Strawberry Leaves
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Strawberry Leaves

2.9544.95 incl. VAT

Strawberry Leaves – Weight: 25 gr
2.95 incl. VAT
Strawberry Leaves – Weight: 50 gr
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Strawberry Leaves – Weight: 100 gr
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Strawberry Leaves – Weight: 500 gr
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Strawberry Leaves – Weight: 1 kg
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Not only are strawberry leaves great for nourishing the inside of the body, but there are benefits for the outside of the body as well. By adding this cosmetic herb to your homemade recipes, you can enhance its beneficial properties for your body. So you can use this herb to make all kinds of products that are great for skin care.

A fun, easy way to use the light flavor of strawberry leaves is to give a recipe for strawberry lip balm a natural flavor. Simply add this herb to a tea bag with a string. Then add this filled tea bag to your melting oils to absorb the flavor. Furthermore, you can add this herb to create a light fragrance.

Some have found that strawberry leaves can be used to reduce skin inflammation, which is helpful for skin rashes, eczema and even acne. So this is a great cosmetic herb to incorporate into facial soaps or lotions.

Another good reason to add this cosmetic herb to lotion is its ability to nourish your body with vitamins and minerals that are perfect for revitalizing your skin. The vitamin C and light acidity will reduce oily skin. In addition, this herb has been shown to have anti-aging properties. Because of the ellagic acid the leaves contain, they are able to use this antioxidant to prevent damage to collagen. The ellagic acid protects you by suppressing a specific enzyme that destroys collagen and is activated by UV light. This collagen damage is a major factor in wrinkles, so this herb will help protect your skin and keep it looking young. Furthermore, strawberry leaves are known to be great for your skin tone. The herb is said to shrink pores and rejuvenate the skin.

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