Candles fragrance oil

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Buy scented oil for candle making
The scent of a candle is just as important as the light. With the power to unlock fond memories of the past or set the mood for any occasion or time of year, fragrances are a fundamental part of what makes us who we are.
Our wide range of candle fragrance oils, made from natural, essential sources, allow you to combine the warm glow of a flickering candle with the fresh candle scent of spring, the warming scent of autumn or the magical aroma of a winter’s night .
Candles fragrance oils
The condensed nature of the candle fragrance oils means that a small amount will last a very long time and the amount of candle fragrance oil you need can be matched to your preference for fragrance strength. All of our candle scents can be easily combined with any type of wax and none of them will hinder the burning of the candle, while still giving you the scent you want.
The best candle fragrance oil
With the best candle fragrance oils, you can develop the perfect candle scent by adjusting the aroma to your preferences. With popular scents such as sandalwood, bergamot and rose, these candle perfume oils use the mind-blowing and sensory aromatherapy benefits of pure essential oils to create a relaxing and calm atmosphere. They are also combined with a carrier oil to increase their potency and strength, so that your home is filled with the fragrance of your choice the moment your candle burns. To take the guesswork out of producing your new signature fragrance, some of the best candle fragrance oils are available in curated sets and blends that combine similar scents and inspire moments of calm and recharge. Not only do they make an excellent addition to your candle making routine, but they can also be used as diffuser oils and to perfume your skin.