Fragrance Lamp Base Refill

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Fragrance Lamp Base Refill – Contents: 100 ml
3.95 incl. VAT
Fragrance Lamp Base Refill – Contents: 250 ml
6.95 incl. VAT
Fragrance Lamp Base Refill – Contents: 500 ml
9.95 incl. VAT
Fragrance Lamp Base Refill – Contents: 1 L
14.95 incl. VAT
Fragrance Lamp Base Refill – Contents: 5 L
59.95 incl. VAT

Our fragrance lamp base refill is a neutral liquid for all catalytic fragrance lamps in our range, as well as catalytic lamps such as those from Lampair, Scent, Ashleigh & Burwood, etc. The fragrance lamp base refill is for all types of fragrance lamps, Catalyst burners, perfume lamps, perfume burners, aroma lamps, fragrance burners, etc. The scented lamp base refill mixes extremely well with both essential oils and fragrance oils. This way you create a completely personalized scented lamp for your home or as a gift!

In addition to cleaning the air, you can also use the scented lamp base refill to clean and rid a soiled burner of a previously used fragrance.

How to use the fragrance lamp base refill

  • Mix the fragrance lamp base in the ratio of 90% fragrance lamp base and 10% fragrance oil or essential oil
  • Remove the decorative cover and wick with stone from the fragrance lamp
  • Use a funnel to pour the base with fragrance into 2/3 of the fragrance lamp.
  • Place the wick with stone back into the scented lamp and close the extinguisher cap.
  • After about 20 minutes, when the scent rises through the wick to the stone, take a lighter and light the wick.
  • You let the flame burn you 3-5 minutes, then blow it out and cover the pebble with the decorative lid.
  • The catalytic process is started and the lamp begins to smell.
  • Once the desired fragrance intensity is reached, replace the decorative cap with the quenching cap. This ends the catalytic reaction.

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