Soap Scratch

Rebatch soap making

Rebatched soap, also known as “milled soap,” is a process of remelting and reshaping bars of soap that are no longer suitable for use. Either because they have become too small, have been dropped and broken, or have otherwise lost their original form. The process involves grating the soap and melting it down, adding any […]

Saponification overview of oil SAP values

Our saponification values come primarily from our suppliers and product documentation. In some cases, we have relied on outside sources. Some GSP values will differ from those reported in other sources because GSP values may fall within a range of values that are acceptable for an oil/butter/lipid. The actual value will change depending on the […]

Aleppo soap

Aleppo soap, also known as savon d’Alep, is a traditional soap that has been produced in the city of Aleppo, Syria for centuries. The soap is made using a combination of olive oil and laurel oil, and is known for its ability to cleanse and moisturize the skin without causing irritation. History of Aleppo soap […]

What is a cosmetic emulsifier?

An emulsifier is a substance that helps to combine two or more immiscible (unmixable) liquids, such as oil and water. In cosmetics, emulsifiers are used to create creams, lotions, and other emulsion-based products. These products typically contain both water-based and oil-based ingredients, and emulsifiers help to mix these ingredients together and keep them stable. There […]

What is the INCI of a perfume?

You can create the INCI name from the Allergen documentation. The INCI consists out of the following: For example, look at the ALLERGEN of the fragrance Comfort Joy.  Allergen of Comfort Joy Allergen/CAS PercentageBenzyl alcohol (CAS No 100-51-6) 0.1260Benzyl benzoate (CAS No 120-51-4) 4.5007Citral (CAS No 5392-40-5) 0.0636Coumarin (CAS No 91-64-5) 3.5600Eugenol (CAS No 97-53-0) 11.0000Linalool […]

Fragrance oil - Dove Inspired - 1 l

Soap Lather Additive Test

We tested the following additives, as listed below: Control Formula with 5% superfat Control Formula with 8% superfat 8% superfat: 50% Olive Oil, 25% Coconut Oil, 25% Palm Oil, Distilled Water Sodium Lactate 7 gram per 450 gram of oil: 50% Olive Oil, 25% Coconut Oil, 25% Palm Oil, Distilled Water Soap made with sodium […]

How to Make Melt and Pour Soap

Here is a simple and basic guide on how to make melt and pour soap. Pretty much every soap making recipe starts with the few steps mentioned in this post, a great help for first time soap makers… The Crystal Melt & Pour Soap range is the success story of Stephenson Personal Care. Sold globally, […]