Perfume Base – Perfumers Alcohol

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Perfume Base - Perfumers Alcohol – Contents: 500 ml
8.95 incl. VAT
Perfume Base - Perfumers Alcohol – Contents: 1 L
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Perfume Base - Perfumers Alcohol – Contents: 5 L
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Perfume Base - Perfumers Alcohol – Contents: 25 L
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Perfume Base - Perfumers Alcohol – Contents: 100 L
750.00 incl. VAT

Elevate your perfume creation to new heights with our premium Perfume Alcohol, an essential ingredient for creating your own unique scents. This premium alcohol base offers the perfect balance of purity, strength and versatility, making it the ideal choice for professional perfumers and enthusiastic amateurs alike.

Perfume alcohol characteristics

  1. High Quality Alcohol: Our Perfumers Alcohol is manufactured using the purest and most refined grain alcohol, carefully distilled to provide an optimal base for perfume formulations. This guarantees a clear and neutral base that preserves the true essence of your created fragrance.
  2. Excellent Solubility: This alcohol base has excellent solubility, making it easy to mix with a wide range of fragrance oils and extracts. This allows the fragrant notes to be evenly distributed and integrated, resulting in a balanced and harmonious perfume.
  3. Fast Evaporation: Perfumers Alcohol has a fast evaporation rate, which is essential for creating a vibrant and dynamic fragrance experience. This ensures that the top notes of the perfume are released quickly upon application, creating an immediate and powerful first impression.
  4. Long-lasting Fragrance Fixation: Thanks to the properties of Perfumers Alcohol, the fragrant notes remain on the skin for a long time. This ensures lasting and consistent fragrance fixation, keeping your perfume fresh and vibrant throughout the day.
  5. Safety and Purity: Our Perfume Alcohol is produced to strict quality standards and undergoes rigorous controls to ensure the highest levels of safety and purity. This allows you to experiment with confidence and enjoy creating your own perfumes.

Why choose our perfume alcohol?

  • Experience the ultimate freedom and creativity in creating your own perfumes.
  • Enjoy excellent solubility and long-lasting fragrance fixation.
  • Create perfumes that perfectly match your personal taste and style.
  • Discover a new world of fragrant possibilities and self-expression.

With our Perfume Alcohol, we offer you the essential building block needed to bring your perfume creations to life. Let your imagination run wild and step into the fascinating world of perfume creation, where every drop tells a story and every scent evokes a unique memory.

How do you make perfume?

  • The % of fragrance oil depends on which type you make. Also, always check the IFRA or the fragrance oil product page for the maximum amount allowed.
  • The perfume consists of a fragrance oil and the perfume base.
  • After measuring out the ingredients, mix them together in a pitcher or glass.
  • Pour the finished liquid into your perfume bottle.
  • Place the perfume spray cap on the neck of the bottle and screw on the cap.

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