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What are Extracts
Extracts are extracts from plants through cold pressing or soaking a plant (usually in water, oil or alcohol) to create a tincture-like liquid. Extracts are similar to making tea; they are infusions to achieve a concentrated, liquid form of the plant. While their benefits may not be as concentrated as essential oils, extracts can be used in greater amounts and are generally gentler on the skin while still providing the benefits of the plants from which they are derived.
What is the Difference Between Extracts and Essential Oils
Essential oils are the concentrated, volatile, aromatic compounds of a plant.

The plant’s primary aromatic characteristics (the leaves, flowers and roots) undergo a steam distillation process to extract the oil. The liquid that is distilled off is considered the essence of the plant, while the lesser amount of liquid that remains is the essential oil.

Essential oils are highly concentrated, highly volatile, and have a much stronger aroma. Because essential oils are so highly concentrated, they must be diluted to be safe and effective on the skin. Essential oils also tend to have powerful antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties due to their highly concentrated form.