Pastel pink candle dye

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Pastel pink candle dye – Weight: 5 gr
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Pastel pink candle dye – Weight: 10 gr
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Pastel pink candle dye – Weight: 25 gr
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Pastel pink candle dye – Weight: 50 gr
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Pastel pink candle dye – Weight: 100 gr
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The flakes work well in palm, paraffin and soy waxes

Use 1 gram per kilo for slightly lighter shades, and 2 grams per kilo for slightly deeper shades. Please note that the image of the dye flakes may not reflect the color of the candle when it is ready. This product is not suitable for use with Gelwax.

The addition of wax additives such as Stearic Acid or Vybar will lighten the colours.

Candle dye flakes are an easy way to consistently make many different shades for candle coloring.

Oil-soluble dyes are completely soluble in the wax. Unlike pigments, the wax retains its transparency when these dyes are used.

Application of pastel pink candle dye

  • Paraffin wax
  • Soy wax

Properties of pastel pink candle dye

  • Good burning properties
  • Solubility
  • Transparency

The benefits of using pastel pink candle dye

  • Economical – 1 gram per kilo for slightly lighter shades, and 2 grams per kilo for slightly deeper shades
  • No mess or spills – when using candle dye, you don’t have to worry about spills or accidentally putting too much dye into the melted wax.
  • Selection of Colors – the candle dyes come in many unique colors.
  • Use control – each dye can be broken into smaller pieces if desired. The recommended usage is 5 grams per 5 kg of wax for a medium colour, with less for lighter shades and more for deeper colours.
  • Customization – candle dye can be mixed with other colors to create additional unique colors.
  • Versatility – candle dye flakes can be used in paraffin and soy wax.

As with all candle making projects, we always recommend testing for best results. Once the candle dye has been added to the melted wax, we recommend stirring thoroughly to ensure that the dye fully disperses into the wax.

Note: The hue in the color photo is approximate and may vary with the amount of dye and type of wax used. Other factors that can affect color when making candles are the opacity of the wax, the use of additives such as stearic acid, and fragrances.

Due to the consistency of the wax, it is common for paraffin wax to give vibrant colors and soy wax to give pastel colors.

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