Hibiscus Essential Oil

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Essential oil extracted from a flower, fruit, root or any other part of a plant, tree, herb or shrub. It can also have a different origin. Hibiscus essential oil is made from the flowers of the hibiscus plant. Hibiscus flowers have been used since ancient times for their medicinal properties. It contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C, amino acids, alpha hydroxy acids and powerful antioxidants that are beneficial for both skin and hair.

Hibiscus essential oil also exhibits skin repairing properties that can be used to maintain the overall health of your skin. Since it is a concentrated essential oil, you should dilute it before applying it to your skin or hair. Hibiscus oil used to treat various skin and hair problems. Include this multipurpose oil in your daily skin care and hair applications.

We adhere to strict quality controls and maintain the highest standards of purity, quality and packaging to ensure that only the best quality hibiscus oil reaches you. Hence, we assure you that you will find Hibiscus essential oil impressive and effective. It can deeply care for your hair and skin. The presence of amino and alpha hydroxy acids makes it mild enough for all skin and hair types. View the features of Hibiscus Essential OiI:

  • Exfoliating – Pure Hibiscus Essential Oil acts as a gentle exfoliant for your skin. Hence, you can use it to keep excess oil, dirt, pollution and other impurities from your skin.
  • Skin repairing – Thanks to its skin-repairing properties, hibiscus oil can repair and repair damaged skin cells. As a result, your skin becomes beautiful and youthful when you include this oil in your daily skin care regimen.
  • Conditioning properties – The nourishing properties of ibiscus oil give a smooth texture and visible shine to your hair. To enjoy these benefits, you can add a few drops of this oil to your regular oil or shampoos.
  • Suitable for vegans – Organic Hibiscus Essential Oil does not contain any ingredients derived from animals or animal by-products. Hence, vegans can also use it for skin care and hair care.
  • Of course – It does not contain synthetic chemicals or preservatives. It is also free from artificial colors and fragrances. Hence, it is safe for your health and skin.

Benefits of Hibiscus Essential Oil

  • Treats Hair Problems: natural hibiscus essential oil used to treat a variety of skin problems such as split ends, dandruff, dryness, hair loss, etc. Hence, it turns out to be a comprehensive ingredient when you add it to your shampoos, oils and conditioners.
  • Acne treatment: the presence of vitamin C helps to lighten acne scars. It also minimizes blemishes and restores your skin’s natural radiance.
  • Moisturizing: it moisturizes your skin and maintains its elasticity. You can mix it with your face creams and moisturizers and apply it every night before bed for faster results.
  • Treats Dandruff: a hair mask made by mixing Aloe Vera Gel and Hibiscus Oil has proven to be an excellent hair mask for reducing your dandruff. It also provides relief from scalp irritation.
  • Suitable for all skin types: Hibiscus essential oil is formulated with natural ingredients. This makes it suitable for all skin types and has no side effects.

Uses hibiscus essential oil

  • For hair growth: you can infuse this oil into your regular oils and shampoos as it promotes hair growth. Get visible improvement in the thickness and length of your hair after incorporating it into your hair care routine.
  • Fight against skin aging: natural hibiscus oil is rich in vitamin A and vitamin C and also contains oil and linoleic fatty acids. All of these ingredients stop the aging of your skin by reducing aging symptoms such as fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin.
  • Looking Younger: regular application of this oil on your face stimulates collagen production and makes your skin tighter, fresher and younger. As a result, your face will become youthful and perfect after use.
  • Grey hair: if you have gray strands of hair, you can regularly massage your hair with a diluted form of this oil. Not only does it darken your gray hair, but it also prevents the other hair from turning gray.
  • Brightening skin: organic hibiscus essential oil contains citric and malic acids that not only exfoliate your skin, but also improve the complexion. Hence, you can notice a visible bright shade on your skin after applying apply this oil on your face.

Frequently asked questions about Hibiscus essential oil

What is the INCI of Hibiscus Essential Oil?

The INCI of Hibiscus Essential Oil is INCI: Hibiscus Sabdariffa Flower & Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil

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Allergen Declaration Hibiscus Infused in Sunflower Oil

Manufacturing Flow INCI Hibiscus Infused in Sunflower Oil

MSDS Hibiscus Infused in Sunflower Oil

Specification Hibiscus Infused in Sunflower Oil


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