Bottle with Trigger Spray Cap 250 ml

Trigger Spray Cap

Bottle 250 ml


This Bottle with Trigger Spray Cap is available in two different colors: Black and White. This cap can be used for cream sprays, cosmetics and household products, among others.

Bottle information:

Nominal volume: 250 ml
Filling volume: 276 ml
Diameter: 54.5 mm
Height: 149.2 mm
Diam. aperture: 19 mm
Screw thread: 24/410 mm
Color: White, Black, Transparent
Material: PET
Maximum label height: 82 mm

Cap information:

Resistant to theft: None
Height: 66 mm with thread
Thread: 24/410
Color: White, Black
Sealing insert: Yes
Material: PE-HD
Length of tube: 163 mm
Surface: Glossy
Flow rate: approx. 0.25 ml/stroke

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Trigger Spray Cap


Bottle 250 ml


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