UFI Creation and PCN Notification

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UFI Creation and PCN Notification – Quantity: 1
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If you’re a manufacturer (soap maker, candle maker, cosmetics maker, etc.), importer or downstream user and you’re going to sell your product to consumers there are a number of EU rules you must comply with. Your product must show the correct information on the product label. If there is a health hazard then the product will also have to be notified to the European Poison Center.

How does the UFI creation and PCN notification service work?

After purchasing this service, you will receive email containing a PDF that clearly outlines all the steps. You fill in your product data in the product document and after uploading the MSDS files in your environment, we get to work.

We make for you:

  • Your own product UFI
  • A product label with all data according to CLP requirements
  • PCN report
  • Report your product to the EU Poisons Center

Unique formula identifier (UFI).

A unique formula identification code (UFI) is a code required for the labeling of hazardous mixtures under the Classification, Labeling, and Packaging (CLP) Regulation in the European Union. The UFI is part of the new reporting requirement for poison centers and is used to uniquely identify a specific mixture. A UFI is unique to your company and product.

You must create a UFI and list it on the product label if you market a hazardous mixture in the EU that falls under the CLP regulation.

The UFI is required for products that may pose health or physical risks and must be included on the label to help poison control centers and other health care professionals give appropriate advice in the event of an emergency, such as accidental exposure.

If you are a manufacturer (soap maker, candle maker, cosmetics maker, etc.), importer or downstream user who markets a hazardous mixture, you are responsible for generating the UFI and listing it on the product label. The UFI is linked to the specific composition of the mixture and allows authorities and poison centers to quickly identify the product in case of an emergency.

CLP label

A CLP label is the label on your packaging that meets the requirements of the Classification, Labeling, and Packaging (CLP) Regulation in the European Union.

The main elements of a CLP label are:

Product Identification: The name or identification of the substance or mixture.
UFI: A unique formula identification code (UFI).
Hazard pictograms: Graphic symbols depicting the nature of the hazards of the substance or mixture. For example, pictograms for flammable, corrosive or toxic substances.
Signal words: “Danger” or “Warning” to indicate the severity of the danger.
Hazard Statements: Standardized phrases describing the nature and severity of hazards.
Precautions: Information on how to minimize or prevent adverse effects.
Supplier information: Name, address and phone number of the supplier or manufacturer.
Allergens: A listing of allergens with a percentage greater than 1% of total weight.

Aligned with the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS), the CLP regulation ensures consistency in hazard communication worldwide.

Poison Control Center notification (PCN).

A PCN notification is a notification to the poison control center. This notification is part of the legal requirements under the Classification, Labeling, and Packaging (CLP) regulation in the European Union. Its purpose is to provide information to poison control centers and health professionals in the event of incidents involving hazardous chemicals.

Reporting to the poison control center includes submitting information on the composition and classification of hazardous mixtures. Manufacturers and importers of certain hazardous mixtures are required to notify the relevant poison centers in the EU member states where the product is marketed.

The key elements of a PCN report are:

Product Information: Details of the chemical mixture, including composition.
Hazard classification: Information on the classification of the mixture according to the CLP regulation.
Unique Formula Identifier (UFI): A code to uniquely identify the specific blend.
Product information on the product label: Relevant details of the product label, including hazard pictograms, signal words and precautions.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I buy this service will you help me if I don’t know something?

Yes, you can always contact us with questions.

Which countries do the UFI and PCN apply to?

We can do the UFI and PCN notification for the entire EU, you can therefore sell your products anywhere. We will have to make your notification specifically for each EU country. Per country, this costs an additional 25 euros.

How long does it take to do the UFI and PCN notification?

It’s a few days’ work for us. Once you upload the documentation, we’ll get right on it.

Is this service required for candles, waxmelts and diffusers?

True, this service is for all products that require a CLP label and one that requires reporting to the poison center.

Is this service for 1 product or several?

The service is for 1 product.

Can I make variations?

Yes, you can. You can choose multiple variations as an option.

What is a variation?

You can make multiple variations, as long as the fragrance oil/essential oil % remains the same. For example, you can make a candle with 10% Angelina fragrance oil in different shapes, weights and colors. As long as the other additives are not toxic and you use the same fragrance oil/etheric oil percentage.

Can I use different colors for the same UFI?

If you use candle dye you will need a new UFI per candle. In fact, candle dye is also toxic and the ingredients vary by color.

Can I use ingredients that are not from YouWish?

Yes, you can. This service is for all the ingredients you use, as long as you have the documentation for this. Without documentation, we cannot report and notify.

Is this service also for soap or other cosmetics?

Registering with the poison center is for products that are toxic. Soap and cosmetics is, by and large. non-toxic. You need a Cosmetic Product Safety Report for approval of soaps and cosmetics. We also offer these through our sister website: Certified Cosmetics

Can I put the UFI of a fragrance oil or essential oil from YouWish (or another company) on my candle?

A UFI is the identification of a product and a company. So in this case, the UFI refers to YouWish and the specific fragrance oil. If you put our UFI on your candle, then both the product (your candle) and the company (YouWish) do not match the manufacturer of the candle (you). Your candles may not then be sold. If you make your own product then you need your own UFI.

But the fragrance oil is in my product, then I can use that UFI, right?

You can use a fragrance oil UFI to sell fragrance oils. If you sell our fragrance oil to your customer, there is no problem. The company and product match the UFI. If you use the fragrance oil in a candle, your candle needs a UFI. You cannot use the UFI of the fragrance oil because that is not the product you are selling. You sell a candle with fragrance oil in it.

When can I use YouWish’s UFI?

You can use our UFI if you don’t change the product. The UFI refers to a specific product. If you sell fragrance oils from YouWish, you can use our UFI.

Why do I have to pay to create a UFI?

The service we provide is not just about giving a UFI. The UFI is only a small part of the process. You must submit your PCN report to the EU Poisons Center. This report is a complex report based on all the ingredients used in your candle.

Other companies offer information for free, now what am I paying for?

With the free information, unfortunately, you are not there yet. You will need to make a PCN report to then send to the EU Poisoning Center. If you buy our service then you pay for the creation of a PCN report. This report contains all the information about your product. The making of this report is done by a chemist and is complex. All the ingredients and molocules are listed herein and what the effect is on human health. This also contains the UFI we create for your product. This report is then sent to the EU Poisoning Center.

Can I do everything myself?

Yes you can. You can do everything yourself through ECHA, CLP regulation and PCN if you understand chemistry. You can learn the systems, legislation and prepare the report yourself. We provide our service so you don’t have to. After all, you are a creator and your time is better spent.

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