Fragrance Lamp Bottle Silver – 100 ml
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Fragrance Lamp Bottle Silver – 100 ml

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A fragrance lamp, also called a catalytic lamp or effusion lamp, is a diffuser used to diffuse wonderful scents throughout a room or space. The lamp works with a catalytic burner to heat and diffuse fragrance oil without the need for an open flame. The heat causes the fragrance oil to evaporate, releasing a pleasant scent into the air.

Note: This product is the fragrance lamp bottle itself. The base liquid and fragrance oil are not included.

Specifications fragrance lamp bottle white silver 100 ml

Glass color: Transparent

Cap color: Silver

Content: 100 ml


How does a fragrance lamp work?

  1. Place the fragrance lamp on a stable surface (possibly on a saucer or trivet to avoid staining after spills). Remove the cap and stone/fuse.
  2. Top up the scented lamp base liquid with a fragrance oil of your choice. Use the ratio of 90% base and 10% fragrance oil. Fill the fragrance lamp up to 2/3 with oil, this is where the fragrance lamp works best. Always keep the lamp upright when filled to prevent oil spillage.
  3. Place the wick back into the bottle. Place the lamp on a heat-resistant surface before lighting. When first used, the wick should be soaked with oil for 20 to 30 minutes.
  4. Light the brick/fuse. Let the flame burn for at least 2-3 minutes when using the scented lamp for the first time. You can expect a flame of about 5 to 10cm when you first use the fragrance lamp.
  5. Blow out the flame after 2-3 minutes. Never cover the open flame with the cap or crown! With this, you can damage the fragrance lamp. The stone is now hot and stays hot without a flame and will glow.
  6. Place the crown on the fragrance lamp. The fragrance lamp now diffuses the chosen scent throughout the room, purifying the air in the process.
  7. Allow the fragrance lamp to glow for up to 40 minutes before extinguishing the stone. After 40 minutes you extinguish the fragrance lamp, this also ensures that the wick system will last longer.
  8. To extinguish the fragrance lamp remove the crown from the lamp, remember this has now become very hot! Then place the cap over the stone, this will stop the stone from getting oxygen and it will go out.

Parts of the fragrance lamp bottle silver 100 ml

The decorative cap covers the hot stone to prevent accidental contact.

The sealing cap covers the catalytic stone. This prevents the fragrance from evaporating when the lamp is not in use. It is also used to cover the hot stone to “turn off” the lamp.

The retainer is a small metal clip that holds the stone, collar and wick together. Never remove this clip!

The stone is a special porous ceramic material coated with platinum and other rare metals.

The wick absorbs the fragrance oil to vaporize and diffuse it through the stone

The bottle is the largest part of the lamp that contains the fragrance lamp base and a chosen fragrance



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