Rose Hydrosol Water
Rose Hydrosol Water
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Rose Hydrosol Water

4.09107.40 incl. VAT

Rose Hydrosol Water – Contents: 100 ml
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Rose Hydrosol Water – Contents: 250 ml
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Rose Hydrosol Water – Contents: 500 ml
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Rose Hydrosol Water – Contents: 1 L
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Rose Hydrosol Water – Contents: 5000 ml
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Rose water is known for its pleasant fragrance and skin-softening properties. It is a great facial spray for sensitive and mature skin types and is even safe for children. Use it directly on your skin, or in a formula. The fragrance is passed on to the finished product, as are the skin-soothing benefits of rose oil. They have mild toning and skin cleansing properties and are generally safe for all skin types.

Rose Hydrosol Water can be used in lotions, creams, bath preparations, or directly on the skin. We produce our waters with their therapeutic value to the skin and body in mind, we do not sell our waters as a fragrance – although of course all waters will have a unique scent, some will be significantly lighter in odour than others – this is due to the plant material they are steamed from.

Essential waters are designed to add fragrance to your formulas, while hydrosol waters are designed more for their benefits to the skin.

How to use Rose Water Hydrosol in cosmetics?

Rose Water Essential Hydrosol can be used for a variety of cosmetics. Use the hydrosol instead of water in your lotion recipe, add it to a face cream base for a lightly scented cream, or use it in combination with some other products for a rejuvenated face toner or face mist. Read below to get an idea of how to use Rose Water Essential Hydrosol in lotion, face cream, face mist and shower gel.

Face Cream: Add Rose Water Essential Hydrosol for a lightly scented face cream. We recommend adding 1% to 3% hydrosol.

Facial toner/facial mist: Combine equal parts Rose Water Essential Hydrosol and water, as well as 1% Optiphen Plus for a facial toner or facial mist. You can also add fragrance with our FO & EO Modifier if you want a stronger scent.

Shower Gel: Add Rose Water Essential Hydrosol to a Liquid Soap Base for a lightly scented shower gel. Further enhance your shower gel with a splash of color with one of our liquid colors.

Lotion: Replace some of the water in your homemade lotion recipe with Essential Rose Water Hydrosol. Add this to the water before emulsifying with the oils and butters.


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