Yellow beeswax granules

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Yellow beeswax granules – Weight: 100 gr
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Yellow beeswax granules – Weight: 250 gr
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Yellow beeswax granules – Weight: 500 gr
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Yellow beeswax granules – Weight: 1 kg
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Yellow beeswax granules – Weight: 5 kg
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Yellow beeswax granules – Weight: 20 kg
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Pure, unbleached, pressure-filtered beeswax is typically ivory in color. It has a sweet scent and is ideal for those products where you want a light tone. If you want to add dyes to your product, white beeswax is highly recommended.

Yellow beeswax has been heated and cleaned to filter out dirt. It varies in color from light yellow to dark yellow. This version of beeswax is ideal for making candles and other products that you want the natural color of the stuff to show through.

Beeswax is a substance produced by worker bees and secreted by glands on the bee’s abdomen. It is naturally a yellow-brown color, but can also be purified to different shades of yellow or even white.

What is the difference between White and Yellow Beeswax?

White and yellow beeswax granules differ in color based on the filtration process. White beeswax turns white after undergoing a pressure filtration process. Yellow beeswax is typically less processed and therefore remains in its more natural state.

Which beeswax should you use?

Choosing the right beeswax product depends on what you are using the beeswax for. White beeswax is great for projects such as candle making, as natural mica powder allows you to make many different colored candles. Beeswax candles are naturally hypoallergenic and release negative ions into the air, which have several health benefits.

Yellow beeswax can still be used for candles, but will not show the colors in the mica powder as well as a white beeswax base. White beeswax is usually chosen for aesthetic reasons.

Both yellow and white beeswax can be used to make holistic products such as lip balms, lotions, soaps and as previously mentioned candles.

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What is the INCI of Yellow Beeswax Granules?

The INCI of Yellow Beeswax Granules is INCI: Cera alba

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