Au Bain Marie Pan Stainless Steel

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Stainless steel pan for melting wax and butter. The main purpose of using an au bain marie pan for wax melting is to avoid direct heat contact, which could cause the wax to scorch, overheat or melt unevenly. This method provides a softer and more consistent temperature, minimizing the risk of damaging or changing the properties of the wax.

Au bain marie pan for candles and butter

When working with candle waxes or butters such as shea or cocoa butter, it is crucial to melt them slowly and evenly. Direct heat can cause uneven melting, resulting in lumpy or grainy textures. By using an Au Bain Marie pan, you can avoid these problems and achieve a smooth and homogeneous consistency.

The construction of an Au Bain Marie pan consists of two parts: a lower pan that contains water and an upper pan that rests firmly on top. To melt candle wax or butter, fill the bottom pan with water and make sure it does not contact the bottom of the top pan. Put your wax or butter in the top pan and heat the water over low to medium heat. As the water heats up and produces steam, the gentle heat will gradually melt your wax or butter without exposing it to direct heat.

Advantage of an Au Bain Marie pan for melting candle wax and butters

The advantage of using an Au Bain Marie pan for melting candle wax and butters is the precise temperature control it provides. Different types of waxes and butters have specific melting points, and exceeding those temperatures can adversely affect their properties. The double boiler method allows you to control the water temperature and make sure it stays within the right range for your particular wash or butter.

In addition, the double-boiler method helps minimize the risk of accidents. Because the wax or butter is not in direct contact with the heat source, the risk of overheating, splashing or fire is significantly reduced. This makes the Au Bain Marie pan a reliable and safe option for melting these ingredients.

Working with an Au Bain Marie pan for candle waxes or butters

When working with an Au Bain Marie pan for candle waxes or butters, it is important to stir the ingredients occasionally to make sure they melt evenly and to avoid hot spots. Once your candle wax or butter is melted to the desired consistency, you can proceed with making your candles or composing your skin.

An Au Bain Marie pan a practical and effective tool for melting candle waxes and butters. The gentle and controlled heat source ensures consistent results without compromising the quality of your ingredients. Whether you are making candles or formulating skin care products, using an Au Bain Marie pan is a reliable and safe method for melting candle waxes and butters.

The stainless steel au bain marie pan is safe to use. The pan has a friendly design with a long handle and a hook on the front. The goal is to make it safe to
the pan when you use it, to keep hot liquid away and to protect your hands from burns. In addition, the pan is easy to clean after use.

Capacity: 480 ml



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