Cambrian Blue Clay Powder

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Cambrian Blue Clay Powder – Weight: 10 gr
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Cambrian blue clay is a cosmetic ingredient that can give soap a soft green-blue hue. It also has oil-absorbing properties that are beneficial for people with oily skin. Together, the herb and the clay make a wonderful recipe for rosemary soap, the soap bars of which you can use for hands, body and face.
Cambrian blue clay is a natural element that is mined in areas of northwest Russia and it naturally colors soap in green to blue shades. You can also use the clay in beauty products for its oil pulling ability and it is common to use it in face masks. In soap, it is mainly used for coloring, but it can also work to gently cleanse oily skin.
Clay not only attracts oil, but also attracts minerals and traps them in the sediments where it is formed. In the case of blue clay, the color is because it has a high content of chemically reduced iron. This special mineral is associated with its ability to naturally eliminate bacteria, including those that cause pimples. So blue clay is a win-win: it cleanses oily skin, reduces the microbes that cause pimples, and gives a beautiful color.

Cambrian blue clay in DIY facial mask

You can customize your DIY face mask at home by mixing the blue clay with your favorite ingredients based on your preference. Organic Cambrian Blue Clay mask will help provide a natural glow to the skin.

Cambrian blue clay in soap making

Bath and soap bars also use blue clay because it has skin restoring qualities. Natural Cambrian Blue Clay Power also contains natural blue dye which looks very beautiful and luxurious in soap.

Cambrian blue clay powder as mild body scrub

Organic Cambrian Blue Clay contains tiny particles and granules that act as a natural exfoliator. The granular particles of clay are used to make body scrubs that help to gently exfoliate the body.

Cambrian blue clay in manicure and pedicure

Salons and spas use manicure and pedicure products made from Cambrian Blue Clay Powder because it helps to easily remove dead skin cells and leaves the skin soft and supple.

Cambrian blue clay in bath products

Bath bombs, bath salts, bath soaps, and many other body and bath products use Cambrian Blue Clay because it helps rejuvenate and relax the body. It also makes the skin smooth and even.

Blue Cambrian clay powder in body wraps

Serbian or Cambrian clay body wraps effectively absorb the liquid-based impurities and toxins in the body that get trapped between the skin cells and flush them out of the body. Body wraps also work against various skin conditions.

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