Multifunctional Adjustable Soap Cutter

39.9541.95 incl. VAT

Multifunctional Adjustable Soap Cutter – Attributen: No Knife
39.95 incl. VAT
Multifunctional Adjustable Soap Cutter – Attributen: Ribbed and Smooth Knife
41.95 incl. VAT
Multifunctional Adjustable Soap Cutter – Attributen: Ribbed Knife
40.95 incl. VAT
Multifunctional Adjustable Soap Cutter – Attributen: Smooth Knife
40.95 incl. VAT

This is the most versatile and comprehensive wooden soap cutter available.

Handmade wooden soap cutter

The handmade, wooden soap cutter allows both our stainless steel heavy cutter blade and stainless steel crinkle cutter blade to slide down easily when cutting your soap blocks. Thanks to the handy cutter, you make uniform, professional-looking soap bars. It also comes with a nylon line if you prefer to use a flexible cutting line. The track area is marked with guide lines and is also equipped with an adjustable stop.

And two bonus features! The soap cutter even has a built-in level and soap scraper blade. The bottom has non-slip pads to ensure the knife is clear of the work surface and will not slip while cutting. The soap scraper can be used to trim soap bars, level them or trim the edges so they are not too sharp as the soap ages. You can also use the scraper to cut embeds, soap curls and decorative spirals.

This scraper can handle a 2 kg block of soap, both Melt & Pour and Cold Processed Soap. For long or decorated soap blocks, you can lay the soap on its side to cut. This is also a good option to prevent drag marks in the soap if you have incorporated exfoliants.Internal width is 9.8 cm in diameter – sides of the guide measure 5.7 cm high. If the trunk is wider, you can also turn it over and cut it on its side.

Soap scraper

To use: To get neat vertical slices of soap, stand over the top of the guide while applying pressure to the blade to prevent slanted stripes. Soap should be as fresh as possible, the harder the bar, the more pressure is needed to cut soap. We recommend cutting Melt and Pour soap immediately after demoulding.

Dimensions of soap cutter

Overall dimensions
26.5 cm long x 10.3 cm wide (internal) x 9.3 cm high (external) and 7.4 cm (internal height)

Straight stainless steel soap cutting knife
Dimensions: 15cm wide x 7.5 – 11.5cm high

Crinkled Stainless Steel Soap Cutter
Dimensions: 18.5cm wide x 14.4cm high

Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg


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