Natural Soap Decorated Soap Stamp
Natural Soap Decorated Soap Stamp
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Natural Soap Decorated Soap Stamp

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This soap stamp features the image of natural soap. Using a soap stamp gives your soap a very nice look.

Soap stamps are an easy way to personalize your soap, Acrylic soap stamps give the best results with steady, firm pressure with a rolling motion.  You can also coat the soap stamp with some Mica powder for extra appeal.  

Suitable for use on semi-cured, cut cold process soap or melt and pour soap. If your soap is soft you will get the best results. For cold process soap, this is after the pieces of soap have dried for about a week. For melt and pour soap, this is a few hours.

Dimensions soap stamp

Material:  Acrylic

Approximate stamp dimensions: 34mm x 41mm

Stamp on soap, depth: 3mm

How do you use a soap stamp?

Instructions for using this acrylic soap stamp:

  1. Spray the acrylic soap stamp with Isopropyl alcohol before stamping
  2. Place the soap stamp on the soap and press firmly, moving slightly forward and backward.
  3. You can use a hammer or just the palm of your hands.
  4. Lift the stamp off the soap.
  5. See the beautiful image on your soap!

soap stamp

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