Tamanu Oil - cold pressed
Tamanu Oil – cold pressed
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Tamanu Oil – cold pressed

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Tamanu Oil - cold pressed – Contents: 100 ml
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Tamanu Oil - cold pressed – Contents: 250 ml
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Tamanu Oil - cold pressed – Contents: 500 ml
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Tamanu Oil - cold pressed – Contents: 5000 ml
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Tamanu oil is pressed from the nuts of the tamanu tree, also known as the “ati tree”. The tree is native to Southeast Asia and flowers twice a year. The tamanu tree produces sweet tasting fruits that contain a large nut. When the kernel has been dried in the sun for about a month, it becomes sticky with a thick, dark oil. The oil that is pressed from the kernel is tamanu oil. The supply of tamanu oil is very small; it takes about 100 kilos of tamanu fruits to make roughly 5 kilos of tamanu oil.

Tamanu oil has a dark green, light brown colour and a characteristic nutty and earthy aroma. It is widely believed to be good for the skin for scars, stretch marks, sores and more. It also has anti-fungal properties. Tamanu oil feels great on the skin; it absorbs easily and does not feel greasy. That makes it a great choice for balms, body butters, lotions and more. Tamanu oil is rich in linoleic acid, oleic acid, calophylic acid and lipids. Tamanu oil can secrete naturally at cold temperatures. If you see little speckles in your oil, put it in the microwave and heat it with short bursts until the speckles are absorbed.

Tamanu oil in cold process soap

In cold-pressed soap, we recommend using 5% or less. Because of its rich dark color, it can have an effect on the color of your finished product, depending on how much you use. In the photos below, the recipe contains 5% tamanu oil. Notice the bright yellow color the oil makes! The yellow color can be countered by using titanium dioxide, but you may want to avoid cool tones if you use tamanu oil in cold process soap.

Tamanu oil in lotion

Because of its amazing skin benefits, tamanu oil is a popular choice for leave on products like balms and lotions.

Frequently asked questions about Tamanu Oil – cold-pressed

What is the INCI of Tamanu Oil – cold pressed?

The INCI of Tamanu Oil – Cold Pressed is NCI: Calophyllum Tacamahaca Seed Oil


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