Perfume Bottle Sealing Ring Pusher

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A lock ring pusher for perfume bottles is a tool used to assemble the safety lock of a perfume bottle. The sealing ring is a cap placed over the opening of the bottle to protect the contents and prevent unwanted spills or leaks.

How do you use a sealing ring pusher?

  • Make sure the bottle is upright and sturdy.
  • Place the sealing ring over the atomizer.
  • Place the sealing ring pusher over the opening of the bottle. The sealing ring pusher usually has an inner rim that fits over the bottle neck.
  • Press the sealing ring down using the pusher and make sure it is firmly in place.
  • Check that the sealing ring is tight by gently pulling on the sealing ring. If the sealing ring is properly placed, it should be tight and not come off easily.
    • It is important to remember that sealing rings are designed to be closed once. They are designed to provide a good seal and prevent perfume from leaking or evaporating. Once you close the sealing ring, it can be difficult to open it again without risking damaging it. Therefore, it is advisable to be careful when opening and closing sealing rings to avoid breaking or damaging them.

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