200ml Glass Diffuser Bottle Square

2.502.75 incl. VAT

200ml Glass Diffuser Bottle Square – Diffuser cap: Closing cap
2.75 incl. VAT
200ml Glass Diffuser Bottle Square – Diffuser cap: No cap
2.50 incl. VAT

This diffuser glass is a high-quality glass bottle with screw neck. There can be 200 ml of liquid in this glass diffuser bottle square.

DIt product is the glass and cap only. Other diffuser supplies are sold separately.

Size of the 200ml glass diffuser bottle square

This glass diffuser bottle square is 200 ml.
The dimensions are: 71 x 71mm wide / 96mm high.
Neck size: 18.5mm

What do you need to make a diffuser

– A diffuser glass

Diffuser cap & stopper

Augeo diffuser base oil (or any chosen base oil, almond oil, etc.).

A fragrance oil (you can use all our fragrance oils) or an essential oil

Fiber straws – we recommend 6 – 8 straws per diffuser

How do you make a diffuser?

– We recommend using 10% to 25% fragrance oil, depending on the IFRA.

– After measuring out the ingredients, mix them together in a pitcher or glass.

– Pour the finished liquid into your diffuser glass

– Place the stopper in the neck of the bottle and screw on the cap.

– If you use it right away, screw on the cap and put the cane in the glass.

– Allow 24 hours for the liquid to fully soak into the cane and release its fragrance.


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