Frankincense Essential Oil
Frankincense Essential Oil
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Frankincense Essential Oil

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Frankincense oil, made from the resins of the Boswellia tree, is mainly found in the Middle East, India and Africa. It has a long and glorious history as holy men and kings have used this essential oil since ancient times. Even ancient Egyptians preferred to use frankincense essential oil for various medicinal purposes.

It is beneficial for the overall health and beautification of the skin and is therefore used in many cosmetics and skin care applications. It is also called Olibanum and King among the essential oils. Due to its soothing and enchanting fragrance, it is usually during religious ceremonies to promote a sense of piety and relaxation. Hence, you can use it to achieve a calm state of mind after a hectic or busy day.

Bosellia tree is known for its ability to grow in some of the most unforgiving environments, including some that grow from solid rock. The scent of the resin can differ depending on the region, soil, rainfall and the variety of the Boswella tree. Today it is used in incense as well as in perfumes.

We provide first-class frankincense essential oil that does not contain chemicals or additives. As a result, you can use it daily or add it to cosmetic and beauty products to naturally rejuvenate your skin. It has a spicy and slightly woody yet fresh scent that is used in DIY perfumes, oil therapy, colognes and deodorants. Frankincense essential oil is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties and will improve your immune system. Therefore, we can say that frankincense essential oil is an all-rounder and a multipurpose essential oil.

Use of frankincense essential oil


It is used in aromatherapy to improve mental focus and concentration. You can inhale it or take it in by diffusing before the start of the day to stay calm and focused throughout the day.

For massages

Enjoy a satisfying massage by applying a mixed or diluted form of this essential oil to your body. It also easily relieves muscle tension and joint pain.

Clear skin

Frankincense essential oil not only heals cracked skin but also reduces the appearance of stretch marks, scars, acne, dark spots and other blemishes. Hence, you can include it in your beauty regimen to get a bright and fresh looking face.

For fingernails & amp; Toenails

You can apply a small amount of this oil on your fingernails and toenails to maintain their shine and overall appearance. It also prevents them from getting dry and rough.

For supple hands

If your hands and palm have become rough due to work or other reasons, you can massage them with a diluted form of this oil. It makes them soft, dry and smooth.

DIY scents

The sultry, slightly spicy and fresh aroma of frankincense oil can be used to create DIY fragrances, bath oils and other natural products. You can also add a few drops of this oil to your bathtub to enjoy an invigorating bathing experience.

Frankincense Essential Oil Benefits


Frankincense essential oil is a natural decongestant and provides relief from constipation from coughs and colds. It also provides relief for patients suffering from asthma and bronchitis.

Improved breathing

Inhaling frankincense oil regularly will improve your breathing pattern. It also solves problems such as shortness of breath. However, you will need to use it regularly for up to 5-6 weeks for noticeable improvement in breathing.


Due to its antimicrobial properties, it is effective against skin infections. In addition, it also provides relief from the inflammation associated with diseases such as arthritis.

Room freshener

You can make a DIY room freshener by mixing this oil with grapefruit and fir essential oils. This mix removes unpleasant odors seamlessly from your rooms.

After shaving

If your skin feels imperfect or dry after shaving, you can rub a small amount of this oil (diluted) on your face. It makes your skin feel soft and smooth all day long.

Soft hearted

Although it is a concentrated essential oil, it usually does not cause irritation as it is soft and skin-friendly. However, you can do a patch test on your elbow skin before first use.

Frequently asked questions about Frankincense essential oil

What is the INCI of Frankincense Essential Oil?

The INCI of Frankincense Essential Oil is INCI: Boswellia carterii

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